Natural design

How building design principles can save you money whilst living and working comfortably in spaces all year round with little to no heating or cooling required, plus benefiting our local environment and planet as a whole at the same time. It truly is a win win win solution based scenario.

Here in central Victoria and most parts of this continent and all across the world for that matter, it is fair to say we all should be living and working in Comfortable, Healthy spaces all year round without the use of mechanical heating and cooling.


The solution is indeed very simple, by using seven key design principles combined with observing the elements of nature in your local environment. These key design principles are crucial to the efficiency of the space, that said we believe any space new or existing can benefit from these design principles, even if all seven principles can not be applied, efficiency improvements are still achievable.

Sunset over central Victoria
Troy Bailey and his dog Chloe

Troy Bailey

35+ years of building, solar passive design and Permaculture design experience.

Troy’s vision is to share his extensive knowledge in sustainable design and energy-efficient building methods, to empower you with this knowledge in simple to understand ways so you can make the best decisions for you and your project in achieving the most comfortable space possible without costing the earth.

Troy’s goal is to share these tried and tested design principles and see them come to life in as many projects as possible across the globe, especially here in Central Victoria, the original lands of the Djarra peoples  where he feels privileged to call home, work, rest, play and wander freely on. 

Troy loves to connect with country, his family and the local community.


Troy and the Natural Design team acknowledge and pay respect to these lands, 

We would like to thank the elders past and present  for the centuries of caretaking of these lands. 

Where we are privileged to work, rest and wander freely on.

We would also like to acknowledge the young ones coming forward to keep the oldest living culture alive!


Always was, always will be first nations peoples land.


Sovereignty has never been ceded.

Just like baking a cake

Building or improving your home or space can be compared to baking a cake. There are considerations to be made, ingredients to be incorporated into concepts and processes, budgets and timeframes to be considered around availability of key ingredients/materials and methods. All based around an initial concept/design towards a desired outcome, with many different processes available and choices to be made to achieve this outcome. Just like choosing an off-the-shelf packet mix, compared with choosing a recipe full of nutrient-dense organic ingredients.

Both can turn out good and look similar from the outside, however one will most certainly be a whole lot better for your mind, body and spirit.

I believe building or improving a home or space incorporating the Natural design principles and considerations it’s possible to achieve a home or space that is comfortable all year round without the need for mechanical heating and cooling. Just like baking a cake, creating a space with some careful considerations instead of just what’s on offer, the result will undoubtedly be far better in more ways than one.

Written and warmly shared by Troy Bailey 23rd August 2023

Radiant sun shining on mother earth

© Troy Bailey