Natural Design is a multi-award winning design business that believes a garden should offer every individual something unique.

Universally, a garden should excite, entice and encourage exploration by drawing you into its beauty, whilst providing a functional, inspirational space. Using decisive design and scale, we intend to surprise and delight with harmony, contrast, personality, and elegance within your garden. Our gardens are strong, clean, with architectural lines, lush planting, and elegant styling and use of colour.

Each design from Natural Design is carefully and professionally managed and encapsulates the essence of the client’s character, style and passions. Our aim is to reflect the architecture, styling, decoration and colour palette of your home, so there is a distinct correlation between both the interior and exterior of your property.


Peta Donaldson

Peta founded Natural Design in 2011. Her background in horticulture, marketing and account management has provided Peta with an exceptional understanding of the importance of working closely with clients at all stages of the design process. It has allowed her to develop a professional approach to the garden design consultancy business.

Peta chose to blend her undeniable passion for nature with her love of design, which ultimately led to the development of Natural Design. Her inspiration stems from an architectural and design perspective rather than a gardening one and as a result her landscapes become distinctive with a focus on form, texture, shape and colour.


Erica Rowe 1 B&W_sq Erica Rowe

Erica Rowe joined our company in 2013, bringing with her a unique and considered approach to landscape design.

A creative upbringing; immersed with art, design and construction, Erica believes “designing a landscape provides an opportunity to create an environment that evokes many senses. A design which is forever evolving and continually stimulating, whilst remaining functional and true to the Client’s expectations.”